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About Us

The Dragon WiFi team has a long history within the I. T. support and maintenance industry. We have taken the dedicated and meticulous approach that is required with I. T. support services and linked it with other services such as public WiFi, guest WiFi, superfast rural broadband and corporate services for clients within many different types of industries.

From our start in 2008, right through to Dragon WiFi landing in 2014, we honed our craft in terms of computer maintenance, PC repairs and installation of office hardware. This dedication to our craft has ensured that when we moved into our specialist services of public WiFi, Guest WiFi and superfast broadband (including access to broadband in rural areas), we could do so at the highest standard and levels of consistency.

Our customer base continues to grow by the day, and we are always happy to be working with lots of different weird and wonderful projects and clients located throughout Pembrokeshire, West Wales and now in North Wales. Our team is locally based, led by our experienced director, Guy Farley. Our field engineers and office staff are one big happy family, working together to help our clients gain access to superfast Internet services, for our corporate clients to achieve high levels of network security and to have in place effective processes of hardware and software installation and maintenance, and for CCTV installation for numerous applications.

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We are committed to delivering a service with a smile to our customers, and our team is here at all times to help you understand the process behind our services, to deliver advice and guidance that fits your requirements specifically, and to work within deadlines that have been agreed upon when we first begin working on a project together. For more information on our range of broadband services, including public WiFi and superfast rural broadband, contact our team today.

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