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Offering efficient internet solutions for a variety of situations.

Always stay connected with Dragon WiFi

In modern life we all expect to have access to the Internet. Whether this is through our, often expensive, data packages on mobile phones or through a guest WiFi system all depends on access. At Dragon WiFi we have a stellar service of guest WiFi for your business.

Guest WiFi works on a couple of levels for owners of a business. It helps to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction by supplying access to a service that we all use on a daily basis, whilst also allowing for retailers and commercial ventures to secure data, in line with data protection regulations, to be used for marketing purposes. Giving your guests and customers access to their emails, social media and all the information and entertainment available on the World Wide Web is a great way to keep them happy. Dragon WiFi can provide you with a guest WiFi system that is fully secure and compliant with public WiFi access regulations.

Seasonal Ventures

From summer campsites to big outdoor events, indoor markets and Christmas events, the Dragon team has helped install secure guest WiFi systems for our clients

Caravan Installs

Along the Pembrokeshire coastline you will find many beautiful spots to enjoy. We have helped caravan parks to install site wide guest WiFi systems, with secure access points and basic log-on protocols. Our service also assists owners of individual caravans with dedicated router and Internet access.

WiFi Hotspots

Providing secure WiFi access to visitors in a public place is a great way to welcome tourists to a new area. We can also help you set up WiFi that can be accessed via vouchers or with paid time slots of access.

Hotel & B&B WiFi

When staying at a hotel or B&B, guests like to be able to catch up on personal emails and social media in order to fully relax during their stay. Secure guest WiFi is also a great way to interact with the accommodation and to find out more about the local area.

Retail and Hospitality

The same can be said for guest WiFi in shopping centres, individual retailers, cafés, bars and restaurants. Your guests will want to unwind with access to WiFi, saving them money on mobile phone data and also giving you the chance to market directly to them in future.

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For more information about a guest WiFi system for your business, seasonal venture or a public WiFi hotspot, contact the Dragon WiFi team. We have experience of delivering super fast and secure broadband in Pembrokeshire and the wider West Wales region, helping people in remote, rural areas gain access to the Internet, as well as for those supplying accommodation or hospitality to tourists visiting this beautiful part of the world. Our team is ready to help you put together a guest WiFi system that perfectly fits your requirements and budgets.

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